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Case study gallery

The case study gallery presents a number of innovative approaches in the use of electronic tools to implement the Aarhus Convention.
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  • article of the convention;
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  • a free text option (enabling you to search all fields of all records, for example “climate change”).

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Examples of good practice have been gathered from the UNECE region and are representative of national, regional and local public authorities and the NGO community. Some examples are cross-sectoral and highlight multi-stakeholder involvement.

The case studies include 26 innovative and fully developed cases selected from a broader collection of identified examples (so-called “reference cases”) that helped to provide an initial overview of the existing situation regarding the use of electronic tools and technologies in the implementation of the convention.

A standard template has been used to gather information, thus the case studies follow an identical format.

Submissions of good-practice examples are always welcome. Please send case studies to Kaidi Tingas (KTingas@rec.org)




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