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Collection of e-access to information, e-participation and e-justice cases


This site explores the use of modern technologies and applications to promote and spread environmental information as well as to provide opportunities for public participation in the environmental decision-making process. The projectís primary outcome is a collection of case studies that illustrate the efforts being made to employ new technologies for the implementation of the Aarhus Convention.


The project team collected examples of relevant good practice with a view to carrying out an analysis of the efficiency of technological innovations and interactive devices in promoting access to information, public participation and access to justice. The collection of examples of innovative electronic tools is potentially useful background material for authorities when setting up their national portals to the Aarhus Convention or any other application which enables or encourages citizens to participate in decision-making processes and therefore to contribute to better environmental decisions and a more democratic society. The collection of cases may also be helpful to representatives of civil society who facilitate public input during environmental decision-making processes.


Together with the project partner, the Aarhus Convention Electronic Tools Task Force, the project team intends to monitor new e-developments, to periodically upload new case studies to the website, and to intensify the international exchange of information.



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